Autumn Term 2021


This term Year 3 will be following the theme ‘Tribe’ which is a History and Culture based topic. In this project the children will explore: Who were the Celts, when and how they lived. We will explore Celtic customs, beliefs and traditions. What happened to the Celts?

Let’s Investigate Science topics that will be covered include: ‘How did the Celts dye their clothes?’ What do plants need to grow well? Parts of plants and the life cycle of a flowering plant.

Homework will be set on a Friday within our online classroom – Google for Education ‘Blwyddyn 3 2021/2022'.

Times tables need to be revised every night. Times tables tests will be given on Mondays.

Spelling words will be given out on a Friday through the online classroom. Spelling tests will be completed the following Friday.

Reading Pupils will be asked to return reading books to school daily, reading is to be carried out at home as often as possible.


Access to Google Classroom

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