Our School

Dafen Primary School is located in the village of Dafen on the eastern outskirts of the town Llanelli. The school was built in 1938 to serve the Dafen Community. There are currently 163 pupils on roll and the children are educated in six classes.

The school is situated in Lon Yr Ysgol, a cul-de-sac away from the main road traffic. The building contains spacious rooms in which carefully structured learning is organised. The school’s location offers the children varied environmental experiences – rural, urban and marine studies. Visits to different localities are regularly organised so that the children may appreciate their heritage, take pride in the environment and learn of the contributions of the contrasting areas to a rich and fulfilling way of growing up.


EntreCompEdu Pioneer School

We create a world in which every learner has the entrepreneurial skills to be part of a workforce that is alert, responsive to change, and capable of designing and implementing new solutions to complex problems.

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Strategic Statement

"Dafen Community Primary School is committed to providing an education which will ensure equal access to high educational opportunities for all children, thus enabling the achievement of their full potential within a happy and caring environment."


Our Aims and Philosophy:

 Here at Dafen we believe that children should:

• Be helped to develop their own skills, knowledge and understanding that are relevant to the Foundation Phase and National Curriculum and to life in a rapidly changing world.

• Be able to understand and use language effectively and imaginatively.

• Be able to understand and apply mathematical skills in everyday situations.

• Be able to develop the scientific skills of observing, classifying and hypothesising.

• Develop lively enquiring minds with the ability to question and argue rationally.

• Be respectful of religious and moral values and tolerant of other races and religions.

• Acquire skills, agility and physical co-ordination through a wide range of sporting activities.

• Appreciate and participate in the creative arts.

• Understand and value the world in which we live.

• Be happy in school, working within a caring and supportive atmosphere. We commit all our resources, both human and physical, to try to develop the child’s full potential so that he / she is able to contribute effectively as a valuable member of the community and to prepare the child for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.


DCF Vision Statement

"Our school aims to deliver the skills that will help learners thrive in an increasingly digital world. Children will be given opportunities to become active and independent learners to gain cross-curricular digital competence to become confident digital citizens."