Celebrating Guy Fawkes on 5th November 2020


Blwyddyn 5/6

 We have been learning why we celebrate 5th November. We watched a short video about the Gunpowder Plot to understand more about Guy Fawkes. We then carried out a "Guy Fawkes hotseating" task. We created some questions that we wanted to ask Guy Fawkes if he were still here today. We responded imaginatively to each question in our very own "Guy Fawkes Hotseat".

Screenshot 2020 11 05 At 121052 

Screenshot 2020 11 05 At 121034


Screenshot 2020 11 05 At 121041


Screenshot 2020 11 05 At 121312

Blwyddyn 4/5


Blwyddyn 3


Cyfnod Sylfaen 2


Cyfnod Sylfaen 1

We watched songs and videos about The Gunpowder Plot. We found out lots about Guy Fawkes. We created our own Wanted posters. Take a look at our ideas;

Wanted Poster 1

Wanted Posters 2Wanted Posters 3

We enjoyed taking part in lots of Fireworks crafts including painting fireworks and making our very own rockets!

Bonfire CraftsFireworks PaintingRocket Craft

We used chocolate sticks and colourful sprinkles to make some chocolate sparklers. They were yummy!

Chocolate Sparklers 1Chocolate Sparklers 2Chocolate Sparklers 3

Here we are working as a team to select and use Knex pieces to build our own examples of fireworks. We really enjoyed sharing our ideas together.

Knex Fireworks

Finally, we worked together to share adjectives to describe how fireworks look and sound. We used these ideas to write Firework Poems. We think they are fantastic and we had lots of fun sharing our work with eachother.

Poems 1Poems 2