Celebrating Recycling Week - Monday 21st September to Friday 25th September 


Blywdynn 5/6

 We had fun celebrating Recycling Week through working in pairs to create a presentation about recycling using the 5Ws and 1H question prompts. We used Slides within Google for Education to create our presentations.

We decided the following questions were the most important and needed to be included:

What is recycling?

Why is recycling important?

Where can we recycle?

When can we recycle? (3 Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Who can recycle?

How can we help with recycling?

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Blywddyn 4/5

During Rycycle week we learnt about recycling and ways to make a difference. We identified different things we could recycle around our home. We researched companies that help worldwide - Adidas trainers amde from ocean plastic, Ocean Sole making models from recycled flip flops, the new £10 note being made from polymer rather than cotton paper. We finished off with a quiz to test our knowledge.




Blywddyn 3

We learnt about the importance of recycling our rubbish at home, in order to help our environment.

We sorted rubbish into the following categories:

Plastic, Compost, Cans, Glass, Paper and Card.


Cyfnod Sylfaen 2

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Cyfnod Sylfaen 1

We listened to the story of The Messy Magpie.

We learnt about the different ways in which we can help our environment by recycling our rubbish.

We sorted and matched the rubbish to recycle it in the correct bin.

Then we talked about how and why we recycle at home and in school.

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Recycling First Activity 1Recycling First Activity 2

Recycling 1

Recycling 2


We listened to the story of the Messy Magpie.  We talked about how we recycle at home and what types of bins and bags we have at home and at school.  We practiced the saying "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle".  We talked about what that means and how old things can be made into new things.  We painted our own recylce logos and coloured our own posters.  We searched for recyclable items from around the Nursery.

 Nursery Recycling 2020