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Carmarthenshire Family Information Service (FIS)

The school follows the All Wales Child Protection Procedures and details of these procedures are available by following the link below. In all cases, where a child is believed to have been abused or suffered neglect, or is at risk of being so, there is a legal duty on us to share relevant information with relevant professionals and agencies. In all such situations, the protection of the child must take precedence over all other considerations. The school has a Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy which are reviewed annually. The school's designated Child Protection Officer is Mr. Morris and in his absence, Mrs. Greville. 

The three logos above, when clicked on, will direct you to websites which give further information and support in relation to protecting children.

If you have any comments or questions regarding out legal obligation to protect all children from harm, please feel free to contact us.

To download our Safeguarding Policy, please click on our logo below: 



School Badge (1)     Dafen Primary School Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy


 Awcpp _2008_cover  All Wales Child Protection Procedures 2008


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