Good attendance is strongly linked with increased academic and social development.
The table below indicates the relationship between attendance and the imapct on the learner:

Attendance Impact on Learning Impact on Learner
95-100% Best chance of success. Your child is taking full advantage of every learning opportunity.
90-95% At least 2 weeks of learning missed - 10 days. Your child will have to spend time at home catching up on missed learning.
85-90% At least 4 weeks of learning missed - 20 days Your child is at risk of under achieving and will need extra support to catch up on missed learning.
80-85% At least 5 and a half weeks of learning missed - 27 days. Your child's poor attendance is having a significant impact on learning. Education Welfare are involved.
Below 80%  At least 7 and a half weeks of learning missed - 37 days. Your child is missing out on a broad and balanced education. You are at risk of prosecution.











Lateness can also have an adverse impact on learners.
The table below shows how regular impunctuality can accumalate over an academic year:

Minutes late per day Equivalent of missing
5 minutes 3.4 school days a year
10 minutes 6.9 school days a year
15 minutes 10.3 school days a year
20 minutes 13.8 school days a year
30 minutes 20.7 school days a year